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How to Migrate to Bluehost

Select your planStep 1

Select your plan and create a Bluehost account.

Migrating an Existing WordPress WebsiteStep 2

Once your account is created, locate the Migration Services page in the Bluehost Marketplace within your dashboard.

migration contact formStep 3

In your Bluehost dashboard, fill out the free migration contact form.

team of migration expertsStep 4

Our team of migration experts will contact you to review your WordPress website.

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Once qualified for a free site migration, we'll take care of moving your website to Bluehost.

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Why Migrate to Bluehost

Why Migrate to Bluehost?

Our commitment to providing WordPress excellence is unmatched with a wealth of helpful tools and expert guidance to get your website up and running quickly. From the moment you create your account, to when you are finally ready to publish, no provider offers a better all-in-one WordPress experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for a free WordPress migration?

The free WordPress website migration is available for any WordPress users interested in migrating to Bluehost. Your website will be reviewed by a team of experts who will determine the viability based on criteria such as WordPress version, website size, database size, use of WordPress multisite, current secure plugins and PHP version. So long as your website meets the qualification criteria, you will be eligible for a free migration.

What if I do not qualify for a free WordPress migration?

If your website does not fit the criteria for a free migration, you will have the option to utilize our paid migration service, which will go a step beyond the free migration and provide a more customized experience for more unique cases.

How is the migration performed?

Our team of migration experts will review your website, and upon successful qualification, will securely FTP your website files onto our website hosting platform.

What if I want additional help with my WordPress website?

Bluehost offers several professional services designed to assist you with refining your website to your needs. You can choose to leverage our "do-it-with-me" Blue Sky service which assists with design and marketing questions for your WordPress website, or you can choose our "do-it-for-me" Full Service option which provides a complete hands-on design and marketing experience where our team of experts will create a website for you per your specifications.